Reasons to Replace your Existing Windows and Doors:

Lower your Energy Bills

If you like the idea of saving money on your heating and cooling bills—and having a more comfortable home—then you will surely be interested in windows and doors that are ENERGY STAR® qualified. Our vinyl windows and doors that have low-emissivity (Low-E) insulated glass that meets ENERGY STAR requirements and can therefore carry the ENERGY STAR label. The ENERGY STAR label can only be affixed to products that meet specific U-value. These ratings are achieved through independent testing done to NFRC standards.

By adding the Low-E or Low Emissivity coating option to your new windows it will reflect radiant heat energy rather than letting that energy radiate through the glass.



How does Low-E glass save energy in the warm weather?

In warm weather, Low-E coatings reflect outside heat away from your windows—while still allowing light in. This reduces the amount of time your home cooling system will need to run.




How does Low-E glass save energy in the cold weather?

In cold weather, the Low-E coated glass reflects heat back inside—so your home stays warmer. This reduces the time your heating system needs to run, saving you money and energy.

Safety and Security

We offer numerous high-performance glass systems—in addition to insulating Low-E glass—to meet your needs with regards to security, safety, sound reduction and UV protection. Impact windows and doors will protect your home against debris during hurricanes or storms.


Impact windows and doors also protect the integrity of the home by not allowing wind to enter the home and creating a wind tunnel that can lift your roof.

In the event of a storm, there is no need to put up any type of storm shutter, plywood or screens. Our impact windows offer 24/7 protection 365 days a year!  


That impact protection will also keep out possible intruders.  Whereas, an alarm system only alerts you once the intruder has already broken into your home.

Easy Cleaning and Low Maintenance


Our vinyl replacement windows and doors are expertly designed and manufactured; they are made with strong, premium-grade materials that make them unbelievable easy to operate and clean. They require practically no maintenance. Your new windows and doors will look as beautiful and work as well decades from now as the day they were installed in your home.


The most popular type of window we install is a double hung window where the top and bottom both open. This option is so well-liked because it is so easy to open for cleaning or ventilation. We have a very large variety of window styles and options to suit every need, including color and grid pattern options.